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At Distinctive Cleaners we care about keeping you looking good every day, so you can feel better about everything you do. Many of our customers don’t have the luxury of a lot of time with their busy schedules, and for that reason we have created our services to help save you time and money.

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Wash & Fold

Perfect for those customers with busy schedules. Wash and Fold services free you to do the more important things in your life.

Distinctive Cleaners Services - Wash and Fold See Pricing


For those items that must look their best every day, dry cleaning is our best service option.

Distinctive Cleaners Services - Dry Cleaning See Pricing


If you need help with laundry, then this service might just be a life saver. You can relax, and we will get the laundry done.

Distinctive Cleaners Services - Laundry See Pricing
Distinctive Cleaners Great Pricing


Item Type Cost
Shirt starting @ $2.95
Pants starting @ $4.80
Jeans starting @ $4.80
Women's Blouse $3.10
Skirt $4.70
Item Type Cost
T-Shirt $3.05
Polo $4.20
Dress Shirt $4.70
Women's Blouse $4.70
Fishing Shirt $5.20
Pants $4.95
Shorts $4.20
Skirt $4.70
Skirt (Long) $6.45
Dress $9.30
Dress (Long) $12.50
Sweater $5.20
Women's 2-Piece Sweater Set $9.35
2-Piece Suit $10.00
Men's Tie $3.95
Jacket $4.95
Coat $10.50
Coat (Long) $12.70
Item Type Cost
Wash & Fold Service $2.00 per pound
Item Type Cost
Bed Comforter starting @ $26.00
Wedding Dress starting @ $68.00
Alterations - Basic Hemming Pants* $11.00
Alterations - Basic Hemming Jeans* $12.00
Alterations - Apply Uniform Patches* $5.00 each

*Alterations include simple changes to a garment. We do not offer tailoring. Pricing subject to change based on garment material and type. Please ask for specific pricing for all items before requesting any alterations.